What to Expect

What Happens During A Session?

The client remains fully dressed (with shoes removed) and lies on a treatment table. If this is not possible, clients can be treated in a sitting position.

I will make light contact with my hands. Common places to hold include the feet, sacrum, diaphragm, neck and head; however joints and the abdomen are also often included.

Clients may talk but many take the opportunity to be quiet and relax. There is no expectation to talk about issues, re-visit  old traumas or make you process something. Some clients experience sensations such as tingling, pulsing, heat changes and a sense of expansion and release as tissues and fluids reorganise. Others don’t notice anything specific during the session; except a general feeling of relaxing. It is only afterwards that they may notice that their pain has eased, motion of a joint has improved or that they just  feel much better in themselves.

For more information about what happens during a session, click here.

A typical treatment time for an adult on the table is approximately 40 minutes. Children’s sessions are usually shorter. At the first visit I go through a consultation form with you to establish your goals and health history so please allow up to 75 minutes. On subsequent sessions, allow an hour for the full session.

How many sessions will I need?

Every person is different and there is no treatment protocol around a required number of sessions.

Generally, acute issues often resolve quickly and only one or two sessions may be required. Longer term issues make take longer to work through however the majority of clients report changes from session one.

Some clients see the benefit in having regular maintenance type sessions (e.g. monthly). They understand that their lifestyle is challenging to their overall health and find CST an effective way of optimising their wellness and therefore avoiding the symptoms of stress and overwhelm.