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Sinus Issues & Digestive Disorders

“In over 10 years of seeking relief from back pain that had no obvious cause, I feel I have tried every therapy under the sun. Only one produced results I knew I should be able to get. Craniosacral therapy is the answer; it seems to tap into what the body wants and gives it the tools to go about making changes. I have discovered that having the right practitioner is vital to the effectiveness of the treatment and Tish is certainly the right person for me.

After years of bad posture that seemed unbreakable, I can actually feel things inside unwinding and releasing all that pressure.

 I think our bodies have an amazing ability to adapt to stresses and find a way to carry on working for us. If given the right tools, I think they also get to the root of the problems.

I can’t explain most of what I feel during a session, only that you have to try it to believe it.

I have also been amazed by the sheer versatility of this treatment. There are things I thought were a quirk of mine that I’d just have to live with, like a constantly blocked nose that used to get mistaken for a cold all the time. Through this treatment and Tish’s magic hands I can breathe through my nose for the first time ever. I used to have all the symptoms of IBS but they have also disappeared.

I can honestly say that I could not do without Tish and craniosacral therapy. I would urge you to give it a go and see where it can take you.”

– Grace C

Glue Ear (Otitis Media)

Harry (named changed) was 8 when he came for cranial sessions. He had been diagnosed with glue ear.  He had been on antibiotics every year for several years and his hearing was poor. He was booked in to for an operation to have grommets. After 4 treatments, Harry returned for a pre-op check. His glue ear had gone, his hearing was normal and he no need for the grommets.

His mum says:

“Thanks so much Tish. Harry is thrilled he can swim and dive again!”