7 Reasons to Choose Craniosacral Therapy

1.   CST is gentle and non-invasive.

You don’t need to take your clothes off.  There are no manipulations or sudden movements.  No prodding or poking.  No messy oils or needles.  If you are in pain or fragile, very young or very old, little or big; it is very easy and comfortable to receive.

2. CST is empowering.

With CST there are no pills or potions to take, no tapes to listen to, no exercises to do, workshops to attend or books to buy.  CST is all about mobilising the powerful inner resources that everyone has for healing.  CST can gently help to put you back in touch with your own body’s amazing power to find balance and wholeness for your whole self.

3.   CST is deeply relaxing.

How often do you have an opportunity to deeply relax? A huge amount of energy goes into coping with pain and discomfort- it’s draining.  Dealing with stress exhausts us and more often than not – we don’t sleep well either, so we become even more stressed.  Having a chance to relax while receiving a therapy is the first step towards getting more of your energy back.

4.    CST results are long-lasting.

CST focuses on the root cause of the issue. The idea is to restore balance not to make you dependant on session after session for the same complaint.

5.    With CST you can quickly get results.

Even with long standing issues, most of Tish’s clients experience a positive shift in the first session. By session 3 the majority will have noticed a significant difference and will be enjoying lasting benefits. Tish encourages discussion about your progress and actively encourages you to be involved in deciding whether more sessions are required.

6.    CST is cost effective.

The treatments are great value. Tish is a skilled and experienced practitioner and in each session of CST, for 45 – 60 minutes she will be focussed entirely on you.  Some of Tish’s client’s have had relief from long-term pain and discomfort after only 2 or 3 sessions.  Living with chronic pain or discomfort costs you so much in time, energy, relationships and work as you struggle to manage your symptoms.

7.    CST is for people just like you.

Other people just like you have wondered if CST could help and have given CST a try.  Check out the testimonials pages.  These are just a few of Tish’s satisfied clients, pleased with their results and happy to tell others about Tish and CST.

Please remember:

CST is not a miracle cure.  While the vast majority of  Tish’s clients have found it to be profoundly beneficial, it is not not a therapy that will help everyone with everything. 

If you think CST might be  for you, then feel free to book a session or contact Tish.

She will discuss honestly with you what CST can do for you and if she thinks that your needs would be better served by some other form of therapy or treatment she will happily refer you to another practitioner.