Vertigo & Headaches

“For the first time in years, I don’t have dizzy spells and my headaches have abated considerably. Which all means I can sleep better and have a new lease on life.”

-Glenis Campbell


Vertigo & Migraines

“I have not had one dizzy spell since your treatment! Not one! Interestingly on several occasions post-treatment I was sure the vertigo feeling was impending, but nothing actually eventuated and all apprehension waned. I have not felt dizzy since, and have not felt the “onset is imminent” feeling since Christmas! Brilliant!
Interestingly too, the migraines with their “Escher” patterns have disappeared as well. They were just as compromising as being dizzy. I am most fortunate, and certainly indebted to you.”

-John Corkill



“I think Tish is an amazing person. She gets down to the nitty gritty in a pleasant way. Both my hubby and I have been to her. She helped me with my vertigo in one session. She has a gentle nature and makes you very comfortable. Hooray for Tish!”

-Anne Renata