Teaching & Supervision

With her background in adult teaching and her extensive clinical experience, Tish is a valued teacher and mentor to other Craniosacral Therapists.

Dedicated to her own life-long learning, Tish has developed and led advanced group trainings for practitioners wanting to deepen their understanding of Craniosacral Therapy and the possibilities of the human body-mind system.

She continues to develop and teach new content and is also available for 1:1 Supervision & Mentoring.

I have found my supervision sessions with Tish absolutely invaluable.  So nice to be able to talk freely with Tish about setting up, about my confidence, about what I feel and how I feel about that, and any others concerns I might have about a client, my study, or my set up.

I have completed 3 of her workshops and loved them all.  They were very professionally run, informative, nicely paced with clear instructions and written notes.  So nice when you do a workshop and you can apply new skills the very next day at work.  Looking forward to more workshops this year.

Eva van Gaalen

I have known and worked with Tish for many years and during that time my trust and respect for her skill and integrity has been incrementally affirmed as she continually embodies compassion and honesty in every aspect of her life.  Tish has taken her considerable practitioner skills into the realm of teaching BCST and facilitates this arena with a deep foundation of understanding the practical and structural aspects, so as to speak into the listening of her students.  All teachings are augmented with ‘table-time’ thus enabling integration of the intricacies of body dynamics and building a step-by-step knowledge of all that she wishes to convey.  The quality of profound stillness that enters the room when Tish holds the space of ‘teacher’ speaks for itself, as each individual explores the directions she gently and powerfully unfolds.  Tish is a wonderful resource for BCST and all who come to her for treatments, supervision, advice and teaching …we are so lucky to have her.

Chrissie Walmsley

 Tish has been my Cranio supervisor for three years now.  I always feel very listened to, and find our sessions highly valuable.  Tish draws from such a deep and wide well of wisdom, and I come away feeling empowered and more able to settle into my work.  Thank you Tish.

Aroha Wigram 

Tish is a great teacher in the way that she combines clear anatomical detail with clinical examples while at the same time giving space for questions and the felt sense.  I really value her willingness to open the discussion into the wider issues of what may be going on in a CST session both as client and practitioner.  I have always found Tish to be supportive and encouraging as a supervisor and this has helped me talk about those areas of my practice which I don’t feel so confident about.

Alice Grant

Tish is a wonderful therapist, mentor and person.  She is fun, open and non judgmental and very perceptive of what my body needs. Coupled with a great communication style that is direct, yet kind, we always gets to the core of what needs to be worked on. Thanks Tish for your wisdom and guidance, you have helped me in so many ways.


What I love about Tish is her honesty and her ability not only to be professional but also to be supportive in a nonjudgmental yet natural way.  I thank Tish for reflecting back my questions, giving honest constructive feedback, sharing her experiences and discussing possible options that I may choose to embrace.The result has been a growing confidence and a deepening into what BCST is all about for me.

Would I have another Supervision session with Tish? Yes, definitely.

Warmest regards