What’s so good about CST?

In 2014, we asked people on our facebook page what they liked about Craniosacral therapy.
Here’s what they had to say:

“I like craniosacral treatment because it is gentle and relaxing. You can treat parts of the body that other people can’t and can quickly identify any problems and really connect with how my body is feeling.” – Kim

“CST creates space that supports me and helps my body heal at a deeper level.” –Lnr

“It’s non invasive, gentle, listens to your body & gets fast results to the stunned amazement of conventional medicine….” – P&T N

“I have never felt my muscles relax like they did did that day…simply amazing” – Mike

“When there are areas of me that feel blocked, craniosacral helps to get my body back to a normal flow. Which gives me alot of relief, both mind and body” – RM

“I like the fact that the therapy is non invasive and it lets your body wake up and work in its own way. Tish just gives it a gentle reminder.” – GC

“Without her I could never have carried on with my sport as my back problems were forcing me to give up, I recommend her to everyone I know and no-one has been disappointed.” – Bethan

“Not only is craniosacral extremely enjoyable to experience, the effectiveness is second to none for fixing with soreness in my body.” – Justine

“I like the results! you may be surprised how many aches, pains & niggly injuries you have been putting up with can be fixed using gentle, relaxing, non-painful methods. Tish’s great knowledge, skill & caring nature always leave me feeling better” – Dori